In my project, abstracting from the visible characteristics of the object, I replace the observed object with its theoretical image - an abstract object.

The difference is erased, and one object turns into another, flowing endlessly, without limits through each other. I stop seeing it as real, the imitation of nature, anatomy, architecture disappears and the object becomes "different". I am attracted by the fluidity and smoothness of what I see, the contrasts of color fascinate, the flat becomes voluminous.

Every time I "blur reality" by changing the lighting, the foreshortening, the angle of the mirror, giving myself the opportunity to compare it with the imaginary one, I get a new image. The gaze glides over the spreading colors, drawing patterns of music in my head. Photographs become a way to interpret thoughts visually and help to better understand new emotions, acting as a defining force for finding the personal within them.

I feel contentment and joy. Then the sensations fade away and I immerse myself a new in the process of creating a new one.



© Ekaterina Bovkunova, photographer & creator