Ekaterina Bovkunova
Photographer and Creator
Ekaterina Boukunova was born and works in St. Petersburg.
Born in 1982. She graduated from the Russian State University of Service and Economics. She completed the course at St. Petersburg State University in the specialty "Culturology". In 2015, she studied at the author's photo school of Igor Sakharov, also attended various seminars and workshops on photography. She is studying at the author's school of art photography of Elena Sukhoveeva and Viktor Khmel in 2023.

03/13/2024 – 04/07/2024 Exhibition "Abstractio", St. Petersburg (Russia), Nevsky ART Studio, 2nd Sovetskaya str., 4B. Project "Visibility"

02/07/2024 – 02/18/2024 exhibition "Flora and Fauna", St. Petersburg (Russia), Molbert Gallery, Bolshaya Konyushennaya str. 11. The Polyethylene Souls Project

12/25/2023 – 01/20/2024 exhibition "Red Book", Moscow (Russia), Association of Muralist Artists. The Polyethylene Souls Project

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